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No whammies, no whammies.... 
04:38pm 25/02/2004
Big bucks, no whammies, STOP!!!
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Rod Roddy, Rest in Peace 
10:26pm 27/10/2003
mood: mellow
Rod Roddy, longtime announcer for many popular shows such as "The Price Is Right," "Press Your Luck," "The Newlywed Game," and "SOAP," died today of cancer. He was believed to be 66 years old.

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02:09am 02/07/2003
  is it just me or are the "BIG BANK" questions way too easy???

And people are missing them at an alarming rate!!

Which president on Mt. Rushmore has a mustache??? And the person got it WRONG?? Are you KIDDING ME?
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Hey! Where can I find this? 
09:15am 13/06/2003

Has anyone seen this "PYL" documentary? Does anyone know when and where it will be aired?
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Check out these PYL sites!!! 
06:03pm 31/05/2003
  Here are some links you GOTTA see. Download the game, I highly recommend it.

http://gscentral.net/cpyl.htm -- Press Your Luck webpage, contains the full story of Mike Larsen, the ice-cream man who figured out the pattern, and all other PYL info you could ever want. Bill Murray was cast to play this guy in a feature film!!! (Doesn't look like the film will happen though...)

http://www.crossbearer.com/software/press/pyl.html -- A REMARKABLE facsimile of the original game and all necessary audio files, including ALL WHAMMIES. Pick it up. :)
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Season 2 premiere and the Larson rematch vidgrabs and very brief ep. capsules 
09:24pm 17/03/2003
  There are spoilers here. Click the cut tag if you want to continue and possibly be spoiled.

Season 2 premiere recapCollapse )

The Larson rematchCollapse )
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New shows tonight! 
09:31am 17/03/2003
mood: awake
Woohoo for Whammy! finally having new episodes! And what did everyone think og the Press Your Luck scandal show that aired last night. I thought it was good but a tad on the long side. And I still can't believe they referred to his death as "meeting the ultimate Whammy!" That sounds like something they would have on the reality TV version of the show...
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New eps and the infamous episode 
08:33pm 27/02/2003
mood: nerdy
Whammy! is finally back in March starting the 17th with all new eps. Also on March 16th at 9 they are going to run the infamous original Press Your Luck episode where the guy figured out the board and cheated to win a ridiculus amount of money.

So much Whammy fun to look forward to! God I'm a nerd ;)
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New Member... 
03:51pm 17/12/2002
  Hey everyone!!! I just joined the community. Have been a huge fan of Press Your Luck since I was a little kid and saw it on the USA Network. I enjoy Whammy but my heart belongs to the original.  
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"Who would ever hurt a whammy..." 
06:45pm 01/08/2002
mood: dorky
Hello everyone. Just stumbled across this community and am a big Press Your Luck fan so I figured I would join.

I'm kinda partial to the old show myself. Whammy has cool 3-D Whammies (though not nearly enough of them!) but the prizes suck and Peter could take Todd any day! Plus I'm really not a big fan of this whole "Double Whammy" thing. I think its a tad too cheesy/reality TV for me...
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I'm new 
05:09am 13/07/2002
  I loved Press Your Luck and was thrilled when I saw Whammy on GSN. :D

I hope to get on the show someday ;D
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... Strange Big Board. 
05:24pm 21/06/2002
  I wish I had taken screenshots of this, but I have noted that the Whammy! Board changed after a few episodes. Has anyone noted how the board looked when the numbers of cash values look smaller then when it first came on? The first seven or eight episodes seem the same, then after the 9th or so, for a few episodes, I think, the numbers on the Big Board seemed smaller. I didn't get that.  
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11:44am 26/05/2002
mood: devious
Do any of you know of a website where I can find pictures of whammies (old or new)?

I'd like to make an icon of one...
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<crickets chirping> 
01:34pm 23/05/2002
  It's been so quiet here. Doesn't anybody want to talk about Whammy!?

Here's a topic: Best contestant yet. My vote goes to Scott Hostetler. How can't you like him? Runner-up is Skyler.

OK, discuss. :-D
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11:15pm 10/05/2002
  If you have a chance to tape tonight's episode at 1 AM Eastern or whenever it's repeated next (possibly tomorrow afternoon, most likely on Monday afternoon), do it. I don't want to spoil it but the last whammy before the final commercial had me on the floor laughing. If that wasn't hilarious enough, the ending is great, in terms of both the game play and the credit roll. I was laughing at least 3 minutes after the show ended. That was one of the funniest things I've ever seen on a game show.  
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Do you know me? 
01:52am 07/05/2002
  Did anybody recognize tonight's (Monday 5/6) winner, Scott? For those that don't know, Scott Hostetler was on the original Press Your Luck in 1983, won 1 ep. and is actually seen frequently in the opens ("Hong Kong! Alright!"). Hostetler has also appeared on Wheel of Fortune, Trivial Pursuit, Match Game 98 and Weakest Link (syndie ep. which aired within the past 3 mos.). Hostetler won $2500 on Match Game, nothing on Link (voted off in round 2) and made it to the Trivial Pursuit main game. (For those that don't remember, the "interactive" portion of the show started off with 9 or 12 players. The top 3 scores advanced to the game half of the show.) I don't know about Wheel of Fortune but I should be getting his ep(s). in the very near future.

Here are 2 images of Hostetler, then and now.

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10:13pm 04/05/2002
mood: crushed
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Todd Newton interview and more 
05:41pm 03/05/2002

BTW, instead of doing nightly recaps like I did for the first 2 weeks, I think I'm going to do weekly recaps or a video of weekly highlights.
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